Why Us

Why use LTV Lend

We are Broker Friendly

Our clients receive up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% of renovation cost (not to exceed 65% ARV)

LTV Lend offers rates starting at 8.5%

Our clients have no upfront fees

Our clients have no prepay penalties

LTV Lend does NOT require bank statements or tax returns to fund your deal

Our clients have their deals funded within 7 days

LTV Lend provides financing in most states – so we go where ever you go

LTV Lend can generate deal flow by introducing you to deals – do not hesitate to ask

LTV Lend offers financing on tenant occupied properties

LTV Lend accepts an exterior appraisal

LTV Lend also refinances and does cash outs on investment properties

LTV Lend offers proof of funds for our borrowers – this way our borrowers have more buying power at auctions or during contract negotiations