Real estate agents understand that to be successful, they have to stand out. And for that, they need to do things that are more unique. Podcasting could simply be the cutting edge that you need. Do not underestimate the power of it, especially a local podcast that can reach listeners in your area. If you cannot host one, you should certainly entertain the idea of advertising in one. 

I know what you are thinking right now. Podcasting is just a fad like yoga was a few years ago and everyone and their mom is doing it. But there are many people tuning it to – just about half of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast. And there is more. Not only do most podcast listeners tune into multiple podcasts, but they are also more likely to listen to every single episode of their favorite one. So it’s safe to say that it is a medium that shouldn’t be ignored.

The opportunity here, as a broker for example in a local level, is that they might just be the only real estate agent in their town or a handful even in a major city. So there is still plenty of digital real estate to own on itunes if you are up for it. Just being a successful podcaster in any niche can make you a solid income. 

Here are a few benefits of using podcasts for your real estate business:

Local Credibility – Over time, as a podcaster you can create a ton of credibility, almost celebrity status in a local area. Being a figure of authority on a subject, like the local real estate market, will have prospects reach out to you for advice and open up doors for new business opportunities. 

Referrals – Once you have built credibility, other agents and loan brokers will reach out to you to refer potential clients. It could be as simple as your podcast showing up in a google search for real estate in your area. 

Expanding your Network – When you invite experts and guests to interview on your podcasts (which is a necessity in all successful podcasts), followers of those guests will get to know you and over time their audience becomes introduced to you. 

Extra Income – Most podcasts make money by inviting sponsors to support the episodes. The fact that most podcast listeners who listen to 75% or more of their favorite show’s episodes, means that it is a much more trusted medium than a random Internet ad. Sometimes having a sponsor by itself helps to build the reputation of your podcast. 

If you don’t want to run your own podcast, it is still worth your while to consider advertising on a local show. In smaller cities you may be able to advertise on an episode for as little as $50, even in major cities, your brand can be introduced to thousands of listeners for a few hundred dollars. 

That is still a relatively low cost per impression compared to other advertising mediums like television or facebook. Major industry leaders like Zip Recruiter, Wix, and Audible have built their brands using podcast advertising. It can certainly work for your real estate business.

You must consider though, that it will take time to establish your brand and it might be a while before you can actually monetize your efforts. This is certainly a longer term play as all you are doing is establishing a name and a reputation which takes a lot of time and hard work before it pays off. But certainly you knew that before you got into the real estate game.

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